Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Digital Access Literacy

 Dear Reader,

I am taking moocmooc, which is a one week MOOC (massive open online course).

Today's assignment asks us to create  conversations related to today's course materials.  I want to focus on teachers and their role in creating safe learning spaces.  In today's reading Jesse Stommel says,  "The notion of participant pedagogy does not undermine or eliminate, but rather clarifies, the role of the teacher, which is to model -- to embolden other learners to experiment more (and more wildly). The other role of the teacher is to provide a safe space for the activity of the class -- a safe space for the risks students are asked to take."  I appreciate these roles and would like to offer an addition: another role of the teacher is to model accessibility through universal design (accessible to all) so that students learn how to consider accessibility, in it's broadest sense, and create accessible digital work.  Teachers could model what I am calling "digital access literacy," something I want my students to own.

Please join me in a Twitter conversation, which I can manage more easily today than I can a chat on this blog.  Please use the hashtag #access along with #moocmooc , and thanks for reading!  I am eager to hear your thoughts.


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